Cirépil: ‘Happy’ Waxing Treatments

Cirépil, for the best waxing experience

For many people, waxing treatments are either something they suffer through or something they avoid completely. However, waxing doesn’t have to be painful, and is superior to shaving because it removes the hair from the root rather than simply cutting it off. When you consistently wax, hair that does regrow gets sparser and finer, while avoiding ingrown hairs, razor burns and bumps, cuts and the inconvenience of shaving daily to keep skin smooth and hairless. Bikini lines are very hard to keep free of hair, and if you want a Brazilian effect, wax is the only way to achieve it.

Cirépil is not only waxing, it’s a spa treatment, with pre- and post-waxing protocol that prepares, moisturizes and soothes your skin. We use Cirépil’s Antispetic Blue Lotion, Pre-Depilatory Jasmin Oil and After Wax Refreshing Gel to prepare your skin, ensure the wax sticks to each hair rather than delicate skin and to protect you from inflammation. All Cirépil products are vegan and cruelty-free, and there are formulations for every area of the body and for different skin types.

What makes Cirépil waxing different?

  • Less painful than other wax treatments, thanks to Cirépil’s unique wax formulation that encapsulates each hair and removes it without sticking to your skin
  • Cirépil uses lower heat than traditional waxing, making it perfect for sensitive skin
  • Hair is pulled completely and gently, reducing inflammation and the risk of ingrown hairs
  • Long lasting results; 4-6 weeks with regular treatments
  • The Cirépil method is a beauty treatment that will leave your skin smooth and soft
  • Pre- and post-wax service is relaxing and good for your skin
  • Cirépil needs just 4-5 days of hair growth if you’ve shaved (most waxes need 10 or more days of growth)


Black woman getting waxing treatments

 How should I maintain my results between treatments?

For 24 hours after a treatment it is important to keep your body temperature and blood flow at an even keel, so we recommend avoiding exercise, sexual stimulation and tanning. This will help avoid redness or inflammation.

Exfoliation and moisturizing are the most important things you can do between treatments to prolong your results. We recommend Cirépil’s Double Grommage by Perron Rigot for exfoliation and using After Wax Refreshing Gel to moisturize. Do not shave or tweeze between treatments, as this will not help decrease density and coarseness of the hair as wax treatments do. With each treatment, you will notice less hair between appointments. For the most comfortable experience, we recommend applying Cirépil Pre-Wax Cooling Gel at home, 45 minutes before each treatment.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (516) 210-6693. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about Cirépil waxing services.

Fractal Skin Resurfacing

Woman getting facial with cream on her face

Facial Add-Ons – Even More Ways To Pamper Your Face




Hi Frequency





For women in Nassau County who want to help their face look and feel even better, we offer several facial “add-ons.” Most of these treatments utilize the latest and most innovative techniques that the industry has to offer. For example, did you know that radio waves can increase collagen production?

Our radio treatment will soften lines in your face and remove facial contours. In most cases, the results are immediate. Our hi-frequency treatment is another cutting-edge facial treatment that will work wonders for your face. We use a gentle electrical current to eliminate toxins, exfoliate dead skin cells, and improve drainage. This treatment is especially helpful in clearing up and preventing acne.

LED treatment is a similar technique. With this treatment, we use color-light therapy to boost collagen and reduce acne. Another facial add-on that we recommend is microdermabrasion. With this treatment, we use tiny needles (don’t worry, they’re painless) to remove dry skin and dead skin cells.

We offer many types of facials and facial add-ons at Holistic Aesthetics.