The Benefits of Plasma Fibroblast Therapy

What is plasma fibroblast therapy?

Fibroblasts are the cells that produce collagen and protein immediately under the outer layer of skin, in the dermis. They are crucial to maintaining the appearance of firm, unwrinkled skin. As we age, fibroblasts become less adept at managing the appearance of skin and we develop lines and wrinkles, drooping eyelids or loose skin on the jawline. Plasma fibroblast therapy uses a plasma pen to deliver a high frequency electric current just above the skin, which creates a micro-injury to the skin. This in turn causes fibroblasts to activate healing processes, regenerating tissues as it used to in youth.


What are the benefits of plasma fibroblast therapy?

  • Virtually pain-free treatment, no cutting, stitches or general anesthesia required
  • Tightens and rejuvenates the skin, adding tone and plumpness
  • Can reduce acne scars, stretch marks and skin imperfections, such as moles and skin tags
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, including “smoker’s lines” and crow’s feet
  • Can tighten eyelids, including excess skin on upper eyelid, puffy lower eyelid
  • Helps hooded eyes by tightening and lifting skin on the eyelid
  • Very low risk of side effects or complications, no risk of “over-lifting” as with surgical procedures
  • Simple, non-invasive procedure that requires little healing time
  • Significantly lower cost than surgery
  • Natural results that improve over time as skin heals

Woman preparing for plasma fibroblast therapy

What can I expect after a plasma fibroblast therapy treatment?

Most people will experience mild swelling, especially in the eye area, as well as tiny, dot-like scabs where the current was administered. The swelling will take 2-5 days to diminish and the crusts can take up to a week. These symptoms are cosmetic, so you may maintain your schedule as it suits you. There is no risk or mandated rest period after treatment, and some patients use mineral makeup to conceal the scabs. As with all procedures, following aftercare instructions is essential, and we recommend a healthy diet, plenty of water, stress management and enough sleep to maximize the benefits of therapy.

At Holistic Aesthetics, we can use plasma fibroblast therapy as an alternative to laser, injections or surgery. The procedure is non-invasive, may show results after only one treatment and only take around an hour to complete. If you have any questions, please contact us at (516) 210-6693. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about plasma fibroblast therapy.

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